La Colombe Coffee Roasters

745 Atlantic Avenue, Boston
Phone: +1 857-317-5340

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Dec 02, 2018

Lan Dao

Very nice and quiet place, across the South Station. Good coffee, beautiful cup designed and friendly waiters. Btw, the music and interior design is great too. What else could you ask for a coffee shop?

Aug 13, 2018

sara maldonado

Coffee and pastries are very good. Things to improve: *Ambience: Music slightly loud if you want to do some work there. Staff went in and out of the coffee stand multiple times (which is fine) slapping the door very hard (this is not). *Temperature: You were not able to feel the difference between being outside or inside, it was so cold that I wasn’t able to remove my jacket. I really like their coffee and pastries, but, there are few things that they can improve at this location and make an overall outstanding experience like in most of the rest La Colombe Coffee shops.

Dec 19, 2017

Taylor Harrison

While the staff was super friendly and welcoming, the drinks were all absolutely awful and unexpectedly bland. Unreasonable prices and extremely limited menu. My friend got a mocha latte, which was excessively bitter and couldn’t be helped by all the sweeteners in the world. I ordered a hot chocolate, which the employee told me I would have to sweeten. I put in a few sweeteners and a good amount of the syrup, and it was still one of the most disappointing $5 I’ve ever spent. The mixed berry scone was great though, and the only thing enjoyed overall. Stick to Dunkin’s, Boston.

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